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What activities should I allow for in my boy's room?

Boy's Furniture

Is the room truly just a bedroom – a place where your son or grandson will go to bed and get dressed, and that's it? Or, as is often the case, will your child's bedroom multi-task, serving as a place to sleep, study and play? If the room will be a multi-functional room, make sure that you have areas dedicated and tailored to each activity.

Consider setting up a desk area for studying, and make sure there is plenty of storage for both toys and clothes so that the room has the best chance of staying neat and comfortable to sleep in. If the room is going to have a theme, try to incorporate elements of the theme into each area of the room so that it feels unified.

What should I consider when planning the décor for a boy's bedroom?

Remember Who the Room is For

When planning how you want to decorate and equip your boy's or boys' bedroom, the first thing you need to consider is who will be using the room.

  • Will the room be shared?
  • How close in age are the children who will share it?
  • If the children are not close in age, how will you divide the space so each of the boy's needs are met?
  • Do they have similar tastes, or will you have to find a way to strike a balance between the different things the children want?

Start by discussing these things with your son or sons. If they want a theme and can agree on it, you're off to a great start. If they want different themes, consider choosing some basic bedding and décor elements, and using each child's favorite accessories to build a theme in his part of the room.

How can I make my boy's bedroom comfortable and durable?

Functionality, Durability and Safety for Boys

Your child will be using his room when he is most vulnerable – when he is asleep – and when he's most energetic – when he's at play. To keep him safe when asleep and at play, make sure that the furniture you choose is sturdy: look for toy boxes with hinges that stay open and won't fall on little fingers; look for rounded edges on items like night stands, desks, and dressers, so that chances of his cutting himself if he bumps his head are minimized.

For younger children, put breakable or small decorative accessories well out of reach, and avoid lamps and other items that children could pull down onto themselves. In terms of bedding and other textiles, make sure that they are flame-retardant – and for your ease, it probably is a good idea for them to be stain-resistant as well!

How should I go about choosing what furniture to purchase for my boy's bedroom?

Timeless Pieces for Boys

While it might be tempting to get your child that race-car bed he wants so badly, it will pay in the long run to choose furniture that will grow with your child and his changing tastes.

  • Sturdy oak or cherry furniture with classic lines will blend in with almost any décor and will last for years.
  • White furniture will provide a similar blank-slate background against which you can change your bedding, rugs, wall coverings and window treatments.

If you are planning a room for an infant or small child, you have an opportunity to consider furniture that will really be flexible, as there are now cribs that convert to toddler beds and finally to adult beds. Choosing such a convertible piece in a durable material and classic style will save you money, enabling you to possibly splurge on smaller, fun items for the many different rooms your child will want over the years.

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