Choosing Kid's Bedding

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How should we approach choosing bedding for our child's room?

Choosing Kid's Bedding

Kids' bedding should be comfortable and durable, and it will be most enjoyable when it fits the personality of the child and coordinates with the theme of the child's room (if there is one).

This is not to say you need to go crazy when coordinating with a kid's room theme. You don't have to choose the themed sheets and comforter. There is nothing wrong with choosing kid's bedding basics that are simple work work together. For instance, you could get sheet sets in multiple primary colors and try to find a kid's comforter that ties all the colors together. Or, if you have a wild themed kid's comforter, try to get solid colored sheet sets that work with the colors in the comforter.

Materials are another factor to consider. Cotton is usually best for summer, while jersey knit and flannel prove to be cozy winter alternatives. Does your child like to be snuggly or cooler in bed at night? Choose accordingly and everyone will have sweet dreams.



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