Safety and Infant Bedding

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What are some safety considerations regarding kids' bedding?

Safety and Infant Bedding

The federal government, the American Pediatric Association – and you – all have your child or infant's safety at heart when it comes to setting up his or her room and choosing child and infant bedding.

For infants, it is important to remember that for at least the first six months, you want to keep all loose and puffy items out of your baby's crib or bassinette – that means you should make sure that your crib bumpers are tightly attached, that you remove all pillows from the crib when the baby is in it, and that those quilts and infant comforters are for display use only until your baby is old enough to protect him or herself against suffocation.

For children of all ages, make sure that the bedding and materials you choose are flame retardant, and that you set the room up so that you minimize the hazards of fire, suffocation, and choking.



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