Turn Basic Bedding into Something Fun!

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How can I create a beach-themed room for my son?

Turn Basic Bedding into Something Fun!

Bright-colored comforters and sheets can act as a great foundation for a beach- or surf-themed boy's room. Moreover, coordinating solids, gingham and stripes can be easily adapted to other themes, making them great staples for long-term use. If your child wants a beach-themed or surf-themed room, start with basic bedding, and then use accessories to complete the theme. Denim bedding makes a great choice for this kind of theme as its simplicity can work with any accessories you choose.

An old surfboard can either just be a decorative element, or you could attach hooks to it and have it become a storage piece. Beach balls – either real or painted on the walls – will add an element of fun, and if your child is old enough to take care of pets, and aquarium filled with fish might also be a nice touch. Remember – you and your child can have fun, even when working with very basic elements!



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