Functionality, Durability and Safety for Boys

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How can I make my boy's bedroom comfortable and durable?

Functionality, Durability and Safety for Boys

Your child will be using his room when he is most vulnerable – when he is asleep – and when he's most energetic – when he's at play. To keep him safe when asleep and at play, make sure that the furniture you choose is sturdy: look for toy boxes with hinges that stay open and won't fall on little fingers; look for rounded edges on items like night stands, desks, and dressers, so that chances of his cutting himself if he bumps his head are minimized.

For younger children, put breakable or small decorative accessories well out of reach, and avoid lamps and other items that children could pull down onto themselves. In terms of bedding and other textiles, make sure that they are flame-retardant – and for your ease, it probably is a good idea for them to be stain-resistant as well!



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