Furniture and Storage

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How can I help my girl keep her room neat and organized?

Furniture and Storage

Dolls, dress-up clothes, tea sets: it's unbelievable how much “stuff” can accumulate in girls' bedrooms. Especially if your girl's room multi-tasks for sleep, study and play, it will be important for you to provide your child with plenty of places to put things away.

Some neat storage furniture for girls' rooms includes platform beds with drawers in the platform – excellent for storing clothes and toys, and eliminating the need for a box spring or a bedskirt – and storage benches, which act as toy boxes and can be fun places for a child to sit and read, or a platform on which she can play with his figurines.

Storage cubes, wooden or upholstered, are good options for books, blankets, and toys, and double as seats for your child, her guests, or you at story time. You can also find storage pieces that will liven up the theme for your girl's room, such as dollhouse-shaped bookcases.



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