Comfort, Durability and Safety in Rugs

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What should I look for in a rug or carpet that will be used in a kid's room?

Comfort, Durability and Safety in Rugs

Children spend a lot of time on the floor, and kids' rugs get a lot of wear.

  • Look for children's rugs made of durable materials, such as wool or strong synthetic fibers, and that have piles that will withstand the abuse that children's feet and toys will occasion.
  • Make sure the rug meets the standards for use with children, and look for rugs that are stain-resistant, and that can be washed either with normal carpet cleaner – or, in the case of area rugs - that can be put in the laundry.
  • For practical purposes, you might want to stick with multi- or darker-colored rugs, which will hide spills and stains better than light rugs.
  • For both comfort and safety, and to extend the life of the rug, use a rug pad. This will make the rug even cushier and will prevent it from slipping, which makes it safer for your child.
  • Finally, if the edges of the rug are loose or flip up, consider anchoring them with double-sided tape to minimize the chances of your child tripping.



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