Why Storage is Critical

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How important are storage systems in kids' rooms?

Why Storage is Critical

From toys to books to clothing to memorabilia, you and your children have plenty of things that need stowing, and most of it lives in your kids' rooms. Having a home for these things is very important: having places to put things will make it easier for you and your child to keep the room neat, and a neat room is both a safe room and a room conducive to pleasant sleep and play.

Moreover, putting things away preserves them … toys that are off the floor are less likely to be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise broken, and clothes that are folded and in drawers or hung in closets will need to be cleaned less often, and will get less wear and tear – and will be easier to find.

Knowing all these benefits of organization and storage doesn't make it any easier to accomplish, but it should give you and your child some motivation to create the storage in kids' rooms that will make them a fun, safe and enjoyable place to be.



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