Kid's Room Layout

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What approach should I take to find out the best layout for my kid's room?

Kid's Room Layout

One way to figure out what you'll need, and where you'll put it, is to think about how your child or children will be using the room. If you don't have a separate playroom or study, you'll need to incorporate furniture that accommodates those elements into a bedroom.

That will, likewise, affect how you choose to lay out your child's room – maybe you want a study area on one side of the room, and the play area on the other so your child won't be distracted while studying. Maybe you want to keep all traditional bedroom things – the bed, dresser and nightstand – together on one side of the room, and the play and study area on the other.

Think about these things and what will work in your space, and experiment with the layout on graph paper – it will save you some sore muscles in the long run!



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