Farm Themes

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What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Farm Themes

A room with a farm theme presents lots of possibilities using materials you might already have. Denim and red-and-white gingham bedding call to mind an old fashioned farm, so that could be a good place to start. You might also think about bedding or accent pillows that feature farm animal prints, like cow or pony prints.

To create the surroundings for your farm-themed room, consider painting one wall dark red with white cross accents, so that the wall looks like a barn door. Use an old ladder as a place to hang towels or jackets, and feel free to load up on the stuffed farm animals.



3/10/2009 11:32:46 AM
Nicole said:

I did a farm-themed room for my 7-year-old niece. It turned out to be my favorite kids' room I've ever to my son's fireman room. We painted her walls a vibrant sky blue, accented with fun farm-themed fabrics from JoAnn's. The valences were made from actual barn wood that had faded white paint for a truly authentic look. We used another large piece of wood that came from a barn and attached that directly to the wall. I installed some hooks onto it, now she hangs her cowgirl hats there. We put up two bright red floating shelves from IKEA to display some of her plastic farm animals, a birdhouse, and a riding helmet. I made her a delightful quilt for her bed. This really cements the whole farm theme because it has so many different patterns that all relate to the farm and horses (her favorite). To make it personal, I took a bunch of pictures of her at the farm with her cowboy hat on and framed them. The piece de resistance would be the tiny chandelier that hangs in the center of the room. Just tops off the room with that girly touch!!


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