Sports Themes

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What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Sports Themes

Sports theme kid rooms are great – and pretty common, so you'll be easily able to find the bedding and accessories you and your child want. The trick will be pulling together a sports-themed room that is not run-of-the-mill, and that does not just look like your child forgot to put his sports equipment away!

Think about creative ways to incorporate your child's favorite sport into the room: for example, make a headboard out of baseball bats in a baseball themed-room, or mount a basket on the wall above the bed for a basketball-themed room. To use baseball as an example of how you can incorporate a theme in unexpected ways, consider these other options: glue baseballs to the ends of curtain rods to create unique, theme-specific window treatments, and hang shelving to display gloves, pennants, and trophies.

Consider adding some theme furniture, like a baseball mitt chair or a football bean bag to add a point of interest to sports-themed room, and incorporate the colors of your child's favorite team to really personalize things.



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