Music Themes

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What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Music Themes

A music theme for kids' rooms is another fun idea that can be tailored to boys and to girls, and according to what kind of music the child likes. If your child likes music, in general, a border of stenciled clefs and notes on a music bar would be fun, or a border stenciled to look like piano keys. Displaying musical instruments is a good way to make the functional fun, as well.

If your child is into a particular band, you can often find vinyl records at used record shops. Putting the covers of these albums in album frames makes for great wall art, as does displaying old concert t-shirts. The trick to really making a music-themed or band-themed room look polished is to frame the posters and incorporate the theme into places other than the walls – that way the room looks decorated instead of postered.



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