Kid’s Room Style Tips for Teenagers

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What are some tips for decorating a teenager's room?

Kid’s Room Style Tips for Teenagers

Teenagers have a real desire for independence, and the right kid’s room design can help them feel a bit older. Make sure that your teen is involved in the planning of the room décor and listen to his or her suggestions. While you may want the room to blend with the design of the rest of the home, allowing your teen some freedom to personalize the décor will help keep peace.

Be sure that the teen’s room has plenty of space for study and plenty of storage for school papers and books. You also need to pay attention to the lighting when decorating a kid’s room. An overhead light may not be the best bet; instead, try using task lighting, such as a desk lamp. Also monitor what your teen attaches to the walls. Offer to frame posters to avoid the stains that some wall adhesives may leave behind.



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