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How can I help my kids keep their bath stuff neat and organized?

Bathroom Storage Systems

Think back to your days in the dorm, when you'd bring all your shower stuff to the bathroom with you in a little plastic box. This strategy is a good one for kids, too. To keep the tub and shower clutter-free (and safe), have your kids keep their bath products and toys in their own shower caddies, and have them store them on shelves they can reach. Add a hook for your kid's towel or bathrobe, and these storage systems will help keep the bathroom neat and the bath products nice and dry, ensuring they last longer.

How can I make the bathroom a welcoming and user-friendly place for my kids?

Creating a User Friendly Bathroom

Even if the bathroom décor and bath products are kid-friendly, bathrooms are not necessarily constructed to accommodate the short stature of children. Help make your kids' bath more accessible by providing your children with a step stool for using the sink and making sure to hang hooks and shelves within their reach.

How can I help my kids keep their bath stuff neat and organized?

Monograms and Labels

If more than one child is using the kids' bathroom, then it makes sense to make sure each child has his or her own textiles and storage spaces. Embroidering your kids' names on towels and bathrobes, and labeling bath cubbies and hooks, will help your kids keep track of whose stuff is whose, and where they should put their things when they are done with them.

How do I make the bathroom as safe and functional as possible for my kids?

Bathroom Safety First: Equipment

Whether your children have their own bathroom or share the family bathroom, there are some steps you should take to make sure that it's a room that is safe for them to use. First, install grab bars in bath and shower stalls, and don't let kids use the existing towel racks or wall-mounted soap dishes as grab bars - they can easily come loose.

If your tub does not already have a textured floor, use a non-slip mat or install adhesive safety decals in bathtubs and showers; you can often find ones that complement your bathroom's decor. Another way to reduce the chance of falls is to choose a bath-mat that has a non-skid bottom.

How do I make the bathroom as safe and functional as possible for my kids?

Safety First: Water and Electricity

You know you should never touch an electrical appliance when you are bathing, and you need to let your kids know that, too. If your kids do have their own bath space, it is wise to keep it free of electrical appliances.

If your family shares bath space, then make sure that all electrical appliances, cords and fixtures in your bathroom listed by an independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and keep hair dryers, curling irons, electrical razors and other small electrical appliances away from water and unplugged and stored when not in use.

Whether your family shares bathrooms or not, make sure all bathrooms are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and test your GFCI monthly to determine that it is operating properly.

How do I make the bathroom as safe and functional as possible for my kids?

Bathroom Safety First: Medicines

If your kids have their own bathroom, it probably makes sense to keep medications and other products like that out of it. If you share a bathroom, make sure that medications, including vitamins, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, have child-resistant caps, and are kept – along with cosmetics and cleaning supplies - in a secure closet.

Keep medicines and cleaning products in their original containers with the original labels intact, and make sure you read and follow product use, storage instructions and safety recommendations. Remind your kids to always ask before using products, and consider keeping tote boxes of kid-safe products that children know are okay for them to use.

How can I make the bathroom a welcoming and user-friendly place for my kids?

Kid's Bath Products

Some children hate hygiene – or at least what it takes to achieve it! To make hand-washing, teeth-brushing and bathing more enjoyable for children, consider purchasing some of the child-specific products that have come onto the market. Counterintuitive at it might seem to an adult, purple hand soap, bubble-gum flavored toothpaste, and cartoon character-shaped soaps can seem like toys to kids, and make it much more likely that your children will use them without having to be asked over and over again.

How do I make the bathroom as safe and functional as possible for my kids?

Bathroom Safety First: Water Smarts

As you know, you should never leave children unattended near standing water. Always stay within touch supervision of young children – within an arm's reach -- during bath time, and don't leave bath supervision up to your older kids.

To avoid scalding, keep your water heaters at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less, and double-check the water temperature with a thermometer when bathing young children. The ideal temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I get good ideas for decorating a kids' bath?

Whose Bathroom Is It?

If your family is lucky enough to have a bathroom that is either attached to your child's room or that can be dedicated to use by your kids, then you might want to have some fun with the décor. Like the bedroom, a kids' bathroom can have a theme.

The role of the bath itself can be a source of inspiration – you could create an under-the-sea theme, or a kids' spa theme. Animals and cartoon characters are other sources you can mine for kids' bathroom ideas, as are the many themes that could be used in kids' bedrooms.

How can I help my kids keep their bath stuff neat and organized?

The Hamper

Kids (and some adults!) are notorious for stepping out of their clothes and into the bath … and then leaving the clothes on the floor. Make tidiness easy, and your laundry tasks simpler, by having a hamper in the children's bathroom. This will help keep the clothes off the floor and wet towels off the bed!

What are some easy decorative elements for a kid's bathroom?

Kid's Bathroom Décor

As in bedrooms, textiles do the lion's share of the work in a bathroom's décor. Work with your kids to find a color or design theme that you both enjoy, and then decide how you want to build it. Shower curtains come in lots of different designs – from solids to stripes to patterns and themes. Like a bedspread in a bedroom, the shower curtain can often be the focal point of a bathroom. Once you choose that, you can pick coordinating towels and bathmats to round out the look.

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