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Kids Sheets: A Tip For Easier Crib To Bed Transition

Although very rarely considered, kids sheets play a huge role in getting your toddler ready for his big kid bed and a smaller role in potty training.

The kids sheet that you choose for your child’s room should not necessarily reflect the room’s décor. Sure we know you went to a lot of trouble to choose what the baby’s room would look like but did you actually consider the kid?

Kids are funny little people and are much more inclined to absolutely love things you hate then you may believe, which includes your choice in kid’s sheets, so with that in mind our best tip for kid’s sheets is to let the kid choose.

It is finally time for your little darling to sleep in a big boy or girl bed and so you change the room around and get everything ready. Get the little one ready for bed in his or her “ match the comforter” or favorite PJs and after umpteen trips to the bathroom and innumerable drinks of water it is finally lights out.

A couple hours later, you are congratulating yourself on a smooth transition when a small but insistent body climbs over you or hubby to sleep with you. Now what?

To really get that stubborn little one to sleep in his or her own big kid bed you really should make it a big production. Let the kid choose the kid’s sheets that he or she likes and pick out a special PJ set for the all important first night, choose a special bedtime story about growing into a big kid bed and make it very clear that they are safe.

Another tip; use a plastic fitted kids sheet under the bedding. Even the best potty trained may have an accident the first few nights.


Pick Childrens Bedding to Match the Child's Current Favorite Theme

Finding the ultimate childrens bedding to match both your unique decorating style and your child’s personality is one of the most exciting aspects of decorating a child’s bedroom. Making a personal statement that expresses both your tastes and your child’s is easily achieved with the vast array of engaging bedding styles available.

Although once there were just two choices, pink for a girl and blue for a boy, childrens bedding manufacturers have come a long way in satisfying the current emphasis on both comfort and style. Luxury and discount childrens bedding can be found to match the décor in any child’s room. From whimsical to creatively unique to sophisticated chic, they are all available. The critical tip is to not pick and entire bedding ensemble based on something that is just a passing fancy.

Children’s loves change from day to day, from week to week, so planning an entire bedroom around a specific theme may leave you redecorating next month. When choosing childrens bedding, pick a color scheme that the child loves; something that will coordinate with the room’s color. Then find easily changed bedding and accessories in the child’s specific current fascination. Kids quilts or kids duvet covers may be the perfect starting point. Whether it is butterflies or robots, kids quilts can be found that will make the pickiest child happy, yet match the color scheme of the room. When their favorite thing changes to puppies or cowboys next season, just find a color coordinated quilt in that theme matching the room’s decor. If you don’t want to switch quilts that often, then pick sheet sets printed with your child’s current favorite!

How do I select furniture for my kids room?

How to Select Furniture for the Kid’s Room

The kid’s room may be one of the hardest in the house to decorate. You have to plan ahead and try to anticipate what your child will want two years, three years, even five years down the road. So when choosing kid’s room furniture, stick to these guidelines:

• Choose durable, well-made furniture that is already assembled at the factory.
• Check for safety recalls and manufacturer guarantees.
• Select furniture in colors, such as brown or white, that will go with a variety of color schemes.
• Pick multi-purpose pieces that double as storage options.
• Let your child personalize his or her room with trendy accessories and art rather than expensive furniture.

By following these guidelines, your kid’s room décor can change over time without your having to blow your decorating budget on new furniture.

How can I involve the kids in decorating a kids room?

Make Decorating Kid’s Room a Team Effort

When it comes time to redecorate the kid’s room, make it a team effort. This is a project that the entire family can enjoy. Kid’s room ideas can come from any member of the family, so have a brainstorming session before you start. Painting is a fairly easy task that even younger kids can help out with, and selecting fabrics or colors is a great way to learn about design. Give older children a list of supplies to fetch at the store. Assign tasks to each family member, and be sure to celebrate when the kid’s room design is complete.

What are some tips for decorating a teenager's room?

Kid’s Room Style Tips for Teenagers

Teenagers have a real desire for independence, and the right kid’s room design can help them feel a bit older. Make sure that your teen is involved in the planning of the room décor and listen to his or her suggestions. While you may want the room to blend with the design of the rest of the home, allowing your teen some freedom to personalize the décor will help keep peace.

Be sure that the teen’s room has plenty of space for study and plenty of storage for school papers and books. You also need to pay attention to the lighting when decorating a kid’s room. An overhead light may not be the best bet; instead, try using task lighting, such as a desk lamp. Also monitor what your teen attaches to the walls. Offer to frame posters to avoid the stains that some wall adhesives may leave behind.

What are some tips for decorating my tween's room?

Kid’s Room Style Tips for Tweens

For children who are older but not quite teenagers yet, kid’s room décor can get a bit tricky. These kids usually want something that makes them feel more grown up but still reflects their fun side. Talking to your child about kid’s room ideas is the best way to get started on a redecorating project.

You could replace the kid’s room furniture or repaint the walls, but there is an easier way to update an older child’s bedroom. Try taking out any toys that your child has outgrown. Include wall art, stuffed animals, books, and other accessories that are outdated. Store anything you want to save. Then replace these items with picture frames, pillows, sports memorabilia, study aids, or other items that reflect your child’s growing sense of self.

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