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Where can I find good wall art for kids' rooms?

Personalized Wall Art

Many companies online and offline offer personalized prints that are great for kids' rooms. One fun place where you can find very unique options are fairs, where vendors often have caricatures, silhouettes, and other “fast art” that highlights your child's name and/or interests on offer.

There are also places online that will add your child's name to a pre-existing print and frame it for you. No matter what you choose, personalized wall art is fun and special and unique to your child.

Where can I find good wall art for kids' rooms?

Coordinate Wall Art and Bedding

If you are working with a theme, it's possible that the company that makes or sells the items you have used may also offer wall art that goes with the bedding or other accessories you have. One or two pieces like this should suffice, as you want the room to look unified, not cookie-cutter.

What other items can serve as wall art in a kid's room?

Framed Children's Artwork

Your child is a great source for totally unique wall art – for his room and even for other rooms in your house. Show your child how special you think he is by framing a picture he's drawn or painted and hanging that as “art” in his room. Also, look to awards, trophies, sports equipment, and old clothes for ways to decorate the walls without going to the print shop!

How can I reinforce the theme in my child's room with art?

Kid's Wall Art

There is a lot of children's wall art to choose from – from enlarged illustrations from classic children's books to posters of favorite characters or bands to personalized prints.

Choosing wall art that is consistent with a room's theme is a good place to start, but also leave the door open for your child to choose something that just strikes a chord with him or her – that is one of the best ways to really make a room unique and special for your child.

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