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Are there sheet sets available that feature knights?

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Whether it is the T-Rex or the brontosaurus that captures your boy's imagination or the quests for bones and archeological digs, dinosaurs offer a lot of potential as a theme for a boy's bedroom. While you could get very elaborate and use murals and accessories to create an ancient jungle or wild primitive terrain, you can also just bring some of that primitive magic into his room using dinosaur bedding. A themed quilt and coordinating sheets are a great way to punch up an otherwise plain room and provide your boy with a portal to the ancient world of dinosaurs.

What kinds of bedding are appropriate for a kid who loves sports?

Camouflage Bedding

Ten HUT … march in line! Does your boy love his army toys? Does he love to create battles and play commando? Support your boy's enthusiasm for the armed forces by using camouflage bedding as a highlight in a camouflage or military-themed room. With a camo bed spread and matching accessories, your boy's room can be transformed into a field encampment every day. Add a camouflage rug and some choice accessories, and you'll have a boy's room to last you through the ages … or at least until the next fad hits!

What kinds of bedding are appropriate for a kid who loves sports?

Baseball Bedding

Take me out to the ball game! Your boy (or boys!) will dream of home runs and summer at the ballpark. With an appliquéd comforter and coordinating baseball-striped sheets, you'll have all the essentials for a baseball-themed bedding set, and plenty of ideas of how to decorate the room around it. Consider adding matching striped tab-top window panels with baseball tiebacks and a baseball-shaped pillow to really round out the look and have your kids exclaiming, “And he's SAFE! Homerun!”

What bedding would complement a Wild West theme room?

Loving the Wild West

Make your boy's room as bold as the wild West! With a scenic quilt featuring a cowboy on a buckin' bronco and sheets with scenes of rodeo cowboys and stagecoaches, cowboy bedding for your boy's room is a very fun and different option.

What kinds of bedding are appropriate for a kid who loves sports?

Construction Bedding

Does your son or grandson spend entire afternoons pushing dump trucks around the floor? Does he beg you to stop at construction sites and to watch Bob the Builder at every turn? If he does, he may be the perfect candidate for a room built around construction themed bedding. Comfortable cotton sheets adorned with heavy machinery, cement mixers and tow trucks can be a fun addition to any construction-themed room. Don't forget the accompanying kid's area rug and matching toy trucks and construction gear. A real construction hardhat can make a great accessory!

What kinds of bedding are appropriate for a kid who loves sports?

Sports, Sports, Sports!

Odds are that your life as a parent is pretty busy, with all the activities in which your children participate. One of the most time-consuming activities for parents and children alike is kids' participation in sports. Despite the time, sports help kids get the exercise they need and develop life skills such as teamwork, healthy competitiveness, discipline and responsibility.

All in all, sports are a great thing … and kids love it! If your child plays a sport, or is even just a dedicated fan of a certain sport, you have a ready-made idea for your kid's room décor. Sports bedding for boys' rooms is relatively easy to find, features single or multiple sports, and sometimes even specific teams. Remember: the key to success is knowing and understanding what your child likes and wants, and then finding the right items to create a comfortable, safe environment that stimulates his imagination and makes him want to spend his time sleeping, playing and working in the space.

What are good options for a boy's room when the boy has "outgrown" a theme?

Bold Patterns

Bedding featuring denim and sheets striped with other masculine colors, such as navy blue, maroon, gold, light blue and hunter green, recall such classic sporting emblems as rugby shirts, pennants and letterman jackets, making them fantastic foundation pieces for a sporty room that is does not necessarily have an ensemble theme. This can work well for boys who like lots of different sports and have lots of accessories that they want to display as focal points in their rooms, or for older boys who have outgrown sheets and comforters with pictures on them.

What are some basics I need for my boy's bedroom?

Bedding Basics for Boys

Before you can choose your bedding, you need to know what you'll need. Whether girl or boy, child or adult, you'll need a mattress pad, a bed skirt (unless you have a platform bed under which you don't store other items), several sets of sheets that include fitted bottom sheets, flat top sheets and pillowcases, and bedding for warmth – either a blanket and bedspread or quilt, or a comforter and comforter cover, or a combination of these items. Other bedding you may want to consider includes pillow shams that match the bedspread, quilt or comforter cover and decorative throw pillows.

How can I create a beach-themed room for my son?

Turn Basic Bedding into Something Fun!

Bright-colored comforters and sheets can act as a great foundation for a beach- or surf-themed boy's room. Moreover, coordinating solids, gingham and stripes can be easily adapted to other themes, making them great staples for long-term use. If your child wants a beach-themed or surf-themed room, start with basic bedding, and then use accessories to complete the theme. Denim bedding makes a great choice for this kind of theme as its simplicity can work with any accessories you choose.

An old surfboard can either just be a decorative element, or you could attach hooks to it and have it become a storage piece. Beach balls – either real or painted on the walls – will add an element of fun, and if your child is old enough to take care of pets, and aquarium filled with fish might also be a nice touch. Remember – you and your child can have fun, even when working with very basic elements!

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