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Pick Childrens Bedding to Match the Child's Current Favorite Theme

Finding the ultimate childrens bedding to match both your unique decorating style and your child’s personality is one of the most exciting aspects of decorating a child’s bedroom. Making a personal statement that expresses both your tastes and your child’s is easily achieved with the vast array of engaging bedding styles available.

Although once there were just two choices, pink for a girl and blue for a boy, childrens bedding manufacturers have come a long way in satisfying the current emphasis on both comfort and style. Luxury and discount childrens bedding can be found to match the décor in any child’s room. From whimsical to creatively unique to sophisticated chic, they are all available. The critical tip is to not pick and entire bedding ensemble based on something that is just a passing fancy.

Children’s loves change from day to day, from week to week, so planning an entire bedroom around a specific theme may leave you redecorating next month. When choosing childrens bedding, pick a color scheme that the child loves; something that will coordinate with the room’s color. Then find easily changed bedding and accessories in the child’s specific current fascination. Kids quilts or kids duvet covers may be the perfect starting point. Whether it is butterflies or robots, kids quilts can be found that will make the pickiest child happy, yet match the color scheme of the room. When their favorite thing changes to puppies or cowboys next season, just find a color coordinated quilt in that theme matching the room’s decor. If you don’t want to switch quilts that often, then pick sheet sets printed with your child’s current favorite!

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Jungle Themes

Creating a jungle theme kids bedroom is an opportunity to use really fun colors and prints. Consider painting the room a fresh green or a bright yellow to provide a warm and exotic backdrop for the rest of the room's elements.

Instead of typical window treatments, think about getting some silk vines and foliage from the craft store and draping them around the windows as you would with a scarf curtain. Then perch stuffed parrots or monkeys nearby to round out the jungle canopy effect.

You can use jungle themed bedding, or simply use bright solids and stripes, and accent the room with throw pillows in animal-print fabrics. There are several sources for wall stickers in a jungle theme to add even more visual interest.

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Sports Themes

Sports theme kid rooms are great – and pretty common, so you'll be easily able to find the bedding and accessories you and your child want. The trick will be pulling together a sports-themed room that is not run-of-the-mill, and that does not just look like your child forgot to put his sports equipment away!

Think about creative ways to incorporate your child's favorite sport into the room: for example, make a headboard out of baseball bats in a baseball themed-room, or mount a basket on the wall above the bed for a basketball-themed room. To use baseball as an example of how you can incorporate a theme in unexpected ways, consider these other options: glue baseballs to the ends of curtain rods to create unique, theme-specific window treatments, and hang shelving to display gloves, pennants, and trophies.

Consider adding some theme furniture, like a baseball mitt chair or a football bean bag to add a point of interest to sports-themed room, and incorporate the colors of your child's favorite team to really personalize things.

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Music Themes

A music theme for kids' rooms is another fun idea that can be tailored to boys and to girls, and according to what kind of music the child likes. If your child likes music, in general, a border of stenciled clefs and notes on a music bar would be fun, or a border stenciled to look like piano keys. Displaying musical instruments is a good way to make the functional fun, as well.

If your child is into a particular band, you can often find vinyl records at used record shops. Putting the covers of these albums in album frames makes for great wall art, as does displaying old concert t-shirts. The trick to really making a music-themed or band-themed room look polished is to frame the posters and incorporate the theme into places other than the walls – that way the room looks decorated instead of postered.

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Travel Themes

Does your child have the wanderlust? Does your family travel a lot? Do friends of yours travel and send postcards? International travel can be an exciting theme for a girl's room or a boy's room. Framed prints of famous landmarks, such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Taj Mahal are readily available, as are old fashioned advertisements for vacations in Europe and Africa.

An old trunk pasted with stickers from exotic locales would be a great toy box, and a bulletin board featuring postcards is another fun way to incorporate the travel theme. Use shelving to display keepsakes from trips that you or others have taken. One of the nicest things about a travel-themed kid's room is that it can work with any color combination, so experiment ‘til your heart's content!

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Safari Themes

A safari theme is great for the child who dreams of adventure in far-off places. Use safari bedding as a centerpiece for the theme, or consider using bedding that is a combination of tans and animal prints for a different take on the theme.

To extend the theme past the bed, consider painting the room in a color that recalls the savannahs – tans and gold and ivories, and maybe some blue on the ceiling to evoke the idea of wide-open sky. You can also consider adding some of the animal-print or safari-themed wallpaper borders that are available.

Carry the safari elements through your window treatments and pillows, and add some stuffed animals – maybe lions and elephants and zebras – to the bed or a chair. Decorative accessories that can make the room that much more exciting include a butterfly net, binoculars, or a pith helmet, all of which can be hung on the walls.

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Fairy Tale Princess Themes

Many elements of décor for little girls' rooms lend themselves to dreaming of once upon a time and far, far away. From canopy beds to eyelet and lace and pale pink, you may already have many of the elements in place to make your daughter's room a real Princess's room. To bring the fantasy one or two step closer to reality, rely on some paint techniques and a few choice accessories.

Paint the ceiling a sky blue and sponge paint on some clouds; turn the walls of your girl's room into castle walls with faux painting techniques, and embellish them with stenciled runners of ivy – you can even add some silk ivy from the craft store for additional dimension. Swath tulle or silk flowers where you'd otherwise put a valance and curtains, and be sure to add a stuffed frog prince someplace in the room … just for a bit of whimsy!

What are some ideas for themes for a kid's room?

Farm Themes

A room with a farm theme presents lots of possibilities using materials you might already have. Denim and red-and-white gingham bedding call to mind an old fashioned farm, so that could be a good place to start. You might also think about bedding or accent pillows that feature farm animal prints, like cow or pony prints.

To create the surroundings for your farm-themed room, consider painting one wall dark red with white cross accents, so that the wall looks like a barn door. Use an old ladder as a place to hang towels or jackets, and feel free to load up on the stuffed farm animals.

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