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What should I consider when choosing window treatments for a child's room?

Choosing Kid's Window Treatments

When deciding on curtains for children's bedrooms, take account both the purpose they will serve and the décor of the room. If your child's room is very bright in the mornings, you might want panel drapes with blackout lining to keep the room dark for longer. If you already have effective shades or blinds, you might just want a decorative top-treatment.

If you have a small room, you might want a more minimalist window treatment, such as a Roman shade, so that the room is not overwhelmed by fabric. Look through some magazines and catalogs to get a sense of what will work for your child's room, and adapt it to suit the décor.

What are some fun alternatives to curtains?

Alternatives to Kid's Curtains

If you have shades or blinds, then you probably have all the function you need from your window treatments, and that opens up a wealth of possibilities for creative, decorative window treatments. Silk flowers and foliage used as valances, wrapped around a decorative curtain rod, can be a nice way to accent a garden or jungle theme.

Consider hanging several sports pennants from a curtain rod to create a unique sport-themed valance. Wrap some holiday lights around a decorative curtain rod to add some nighttime twinkle to a budding astronomer's room … once you get thinking of the options, you'll be amazed at how many ways you can dress your windows.

What safety considerations are associated with window treatments in kids' rooms?

Remember Safety

As with all textiles, it is important to consider safety when choosing curtains for kids' rooms. Definitely look for flame retardant materials, and be sure that the fabric does not block any vents or come near any heat sources – including radiators and lamps.

If you have small children, make sure that they can't pull the curtains down, and be sure that any cords for shades and blinds are not looped so that you reduce the chances of a child getting tangled or choking.

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