Storage and Creativity

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How do I maximize storage space in a child's room?

Storage and Creativity

Some kids storage options and opportunities are obvious: dressers are good for storing clothes, toy boxes are good for storing toys, and bookshelves are good places to put books. Stopping there, however, deprives you of loads of opportunities to use space effectively and to have space multi-task to make your life easier.

Think out of the toybox:

  • What other “dead” spaces exist in the room?
  • How can you make them useful for storage?
  • What space is used for storage, but probably not as efficiently as it could be?
  • What storage spaces seem to always be messy?
  • What tools or systems could make them neater and more effective?
  • Can you use the wall space?
  • How about under the bed or behind the doors?

Thinking creatively along these lines may help you identify a slew of ways to store more things more effectively, in your child's room.



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