Using Vertical Space

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How do I maximize storage space in a child's room?

Using Vertical Space

Most people do not take best advantage of the vertical space afforded them by walls. Because children are short, we think that everything needs to be within their reach. While many things do need to be readily accessible to kids, there are plenty of ways that you can use wall space to both store things and display them to best advantage.

Consider putting a Plexiglass or wooden shelf about 18 inches below the ceiling, along one wall or even around the perimeter of the room – that's a great place to put a stuffed animal collection or other items that your child wants to keep, but does not play with all that often. It's also a good place for breakable decorative pieces.

Consider hanging sports equipment, like hockey sticks, from hooks on the wall. This will free up floor space and can make functional items decorative. It also is easy to take them down when your child wants to use them.

Wall-mounted shelving and magazine racks are good options for a room short on floor space, as they enable you to have the flexibility of a bookshelf without its footprint – just make sure that you install them into wall studs and you use enough brackets to make them sturdy.



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