Choosing Kid's Beds

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What should I think about when choosing a bed for my child?

Choosing Kid's Beds

Choosing children's beds is a project that requires a parent to consider safety, comfort and economy, and to balance a child's short-term needs and interests with long-term usability of the furniture.

  • For safety, durability, and long-term wear, it might make the most sense to choose a child's bed that is constructed of sturdy materials and that will grow with the décor of the child's room.
  • For true lasting power, you might even consider getting a child a double bed, rather than the more usual twin bed, since he will be able to use it well into young adulthood – and it might make your life easier when he's ill, and wants you to spend the night with him!

However, maybe your priorities are shorter-term, and you and your child are more focused on the bed being an integral part of the room's design. In that case, you can find themed or novelty bed frames, such as racecars or boats or dollhouses. Whatever frame you choose, make sure to get a mattress that fits the frame, that is firm yet comfortable, and will hold up over years of your kid sleeping in – and maybe even jumping on – the bed.



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