Creative Kid’s Room Walls

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What are some creative ways to decorate my kids room walls?

Creative Kid’s Room Walls

Painting kid’s room walls is not the only option for design. For decorating kid’s rooms with a theme, try to incorporate some elements of the theme in the wall art. For example, use pictures of lions and tigers in a jungle-themed kid’s room. You can also use texture to extend your theme. For a travel-themed kid’s room, crinkle old maps and use spray adhesive to glue them to walls.

Kid’s room murals are great ways to express a theme or a location that is special to your child. Consider faux paint finishes or even wallpaper to enhance the color scheme of the room.

Above all, make it personal. Use your child’s own art to decorate the walls and add some family touches as well, such as pictures from vacations, shells from the beach, or toys passed down from Mom or Dad.



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