How to Select Furniture for the Kid’s Room

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How do I select furniture for my kids room?

How to Select Furniture for the Kid’s Room

The kid’s room may be one of the hardest in the house to decorate. You have to plan ahead and try to anticipate what your child will want two years, three years, even five years down the road. So when choosing kid’s room furniture, stick to these guidelines:

• Choose durable, well-made furniture that is already assembled at the factory.
• Check for safety recalls and manufacturer guarantees.
• Select furniture in colors, such as brown or white, that will go with a variety of color schemes.
• Pick multi-purpose pieces that double as storage options.
• Let your child personalize his or her room with trendy accessories and art rather than expensive furniture.

By following these guidelines, your kid’s room décor can change over time without your having to blow your decorating budget on new furniture.



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