Kids Sheets: A Tip For Easier Crib To Bed Transition

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Kids Sheets: A Tip For Easier Crib To Bed Transition

Although very rarely considered, kids sheets play a huge role in getting your toddler ready for his big kid bed and a smaller role in potty training.

The kids sheet that you choose for your child’s room should not necessarily reflect the room’s décor. Sure we know you went to a lot of trouble to choose what the baby’s room would look like but did you actually consider the kid?

Kids are funny little people and are much more inclined to absolutely love things you hate then you may believe, which includes your choice in kid’s sheets, so with that in mind our best tip for kid’s sheets is to let the kid choose.

It is finally time for your little darling to sleep in a big boy or girl bed and so you change the room around and get everything ready. Get the little one ready for bed in his or her “ match the comforter” or favorite PJs and after umpteen trips to the bathroom and innumerable drinks of water it is finally lights out.

A couple hours later, you are congratulating yourself on a smooth transition when a small but insistent body climbs over you or hubby to sleep with you. Now what?

To really get that stubborn little one to sleep in his or her own big kid bed you really should make it a big production. Let the kid choose the kid’s sheets that he or she likes and pick out a special PJ set for the all important first night, choose a special bedtime story about growing into a big kid bed and make it very clear that they are safe.

Another tip; use a plastic fitted kids sheet under the bedding. Even the best potty trained may have an accident the first few nights.



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